Women's Shoes Wholesale for first Level Distributor

Nowadays women’s shoes wholesale has become a major trend in the world since the price in retail store has become unaffordable.

As a women’s shoes wholesale distributor located in country of Manufacturing, China, Shanghai Wity devotes to providing ladies footwear at competitive prices to their clients world wide over 20 years. The scope of Shanghai Wity is well-known for it’s high quality production with direct factory price, however, the company also dedicates to produce fashion-forward design. Shanghai Wity hires the professional team to follow and design the trendiest styles of the season at competitive prices with an emphasis on fashion and comfort. With a strict Q/C team ensuring the quality and deliver time, a strong development team including one Italy and one French designer to meet all of our clients' needs and catch the season trends. In addition, our serious sales team responds to clients' inquiries and instructions with urgency.

On the other hand, Shanghai Wity is also capable of providing full case packs to retail and wholesale customers with a focus on stylish footwear appealing to all women in order to enhance competitiveness which allow the company to offer better and comprehensive customer services.


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