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 Company Profile
 In 1932, Tanabe Fiber Industry Co., Ltd was founded in Japan.
 In 1997, Shanghai Jinyinsi Dress Ornament Co., Ltd was founded by exclusive investment from Tanabe Fiber Industry Co., Ltd.
In 2007, our factory was moved to a new one to expand our business because of the great development for last 10 years. And the name of our company was changed to Shanghai Galaxy Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd since then. Our company continues to provide sophisticated metallic yarns for the market.
 Our factory is provided with a complete range of production facilities: vacuum plating machine, coating machine, composting machine, slitter machine, winder (3 types), twister and vacuum molding machine. Besides, there is a well-equipped laboratory for quality inspection.
No.9 Color Card of Galaxy Yarn lists more than 3,000 kinds of metallic yarns which have been selected meticulously. Yet, we could offer more than 5,000 kinds of metallic yarns presented on previous color card and we would continue to provide them.
 More than 90% of metallic yarns displayed on color card have reasonable stock. If not available, we could put into production and get ready for delivery within 4 days after accepting orders.
 Various kind of new metallic yarns are launched every year, but the operation of color card can’t keep pace with the fast growth of them. We remain at your disposal for any further information and new color card.
 Our factory produce metallic yarns with those films, such as anti-oxidation film, anti-friction film, matt film, formaldehyde-free film, etc. We can slit metallic film into filament which is 0.1mm in width and then combine with viscose, nylon, pure silk, curpo to process extremely soft metallic yarns.
 We also can slit metallic film into short staple which is 0.05mm in width. Some of short staples can be mixed together with cotton, viscose, pure silk, wool to dye.
Shanghai Galaxy Metallic Yarn Co., Ltd is a Japannese owned company. It is engaged in the design ,development and production in all metallic yarns. The products of metallic yarns involved in knitwear, fabric, home textiles, warp knitting, embroidery, sewing etc. We commit ourselves to research and develop of environmental metallic yarns, and the content of  formaldehyde in some products is zero which can be used in infant products. It makes a new level in using metallic yarns.